Playing with the big boys

On Friday a consultancy opportunity fell into our lap – a friend of a friend’s sister is consulting with one of those corporate monoliths. You know the type; enormous glass swing doors, corp dress code, job functions and departments with mind-blowing acronyms. This reminds me, for the first time in months,  that my hair doesn’t do that thing that corporate women’s hair does.

So here I am, an hour early. I’m always a bloody hour early, diligence has got to the point of making me inefficient. Just sitting in Starbucks (I’ve been meaning to boycott Starbucks for years now, I’m pretty sure I disagree with everything they stand for: creative tax avoidance,  ruination of the independent coffee shop, they are the purveyors of branded, fashion ‘coffee-drinks’, and look at the size of the cups,  you’d never get that in Europe).

I’m drinking the sweetest coffee concoction they’ll sell me, because I didn’t have time for breakfast. I toyed with grabbing some sashimi on the go, then promptly remembered it’s that type of thing that landed me in this mess.

I’ve read a 26 page report. I think I know what’s what. I just hope that I don’t make any horrendous faux pas’. When I’m nervous I talk more, and the more I talk,  the more chance there is that I’ll be an idiot.

Turns out a ‘venti’ anything is not good for calming the nerves.


2 thoughts on “Playing with the big boys

  1. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the consultancy opportunity. Consider buying your coffee from an independent – at least they pay some tax in the country!

    • Thank you Spark N Launch. It went pretty well, I have my fingers crossed (which doesn’t much help with proposal writing).

      You are absolutely right about independent coffee retailers – my preference would be the perfect macchiato made by a perfect barista. Starbucks is horribly convenient, not only is it on every street corner in Zone 1, but you know exactly what you’re going to get from your ‘coffee flavoured drink’; but, you’re right, morally dubious.

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